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Do you need a stone product made to order?

McGowan Stone provides a wide range of services to clients Nationwide for all types of stone products.

Services consist of stone slicing, sawing & drilling, giving you the perfect piece for your project.

McGowan Stone can create bespoke stone products to suit all your specs whenever you place an order.

This is why our clients choose us above our other competitors.

Stone Drilling Services in Colne, Lancashire

Stone Drilling Services in Lancashire

When our clients have a specific use in mind for their stone products, drilling can be a tedious task.

McGowan Stone use industrial drilling machinery to provide a bespoke, made to order stone drilling service for any sized project.

We can drill stone bought from McGowan Stone or stone that you provide.

Stone Sawing Services in Colne, Lancashire

Stone Sawing Services in Lancashire

McGowan Stone are well known industry leaders in sawing stone. We can saw through newly quarried stone to size or even slice reclaimed stone to your requirements.

Our 2.2 meter blade can cut through most stone objects so if you have a stone sawing task for our team then call us now to discuss your requirements.

Know your specifications?

If you know what service you would like and how you would like to specify your end product then please get in touch with one of our Stone Specialists and our friendly team will be happy to help.
Stone Slicing Services in Colne, Lancashire

Stone Slicing Services in Lancashire

Here at McGowan Stone, we have developed a unique slicing process which cuts the paving slab along the horizontal into at least two paving slabs of around 2 inch (50mm) thick or to customer requirements and depending on quality and thickness of original slab.

If you are looking for new or used stone for a project you are working on then give our McGowan Stone reclamation yard a call on 01282 456424

Stone Backing off Services in Colne, Lancashire

Stone Backing Services in Lancashire

By ‘backing-off’ reclaimed stone we remove the back side of the stone, making it a standard size – such as the six-inch size for the modern new-build.

This not only gives your stone a fresh look and feel, it gives the stone more life.

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